Andrew Grant

16 Commercial Road

Upper Edmonton

London N18 1TP

t.: +44 (0)20 8807 9508

Aktivní vinné sklepy s.r.o.

Břežánecká 832/5
Praha 5 Jinonice
158 00

IČO: 29022151
DIČ: CZ29022151
Č. ú.: 2191517369/0800

About us

After the successful start of operation in 2008, our company became an integral part of the European wine market. Having built dozens of active cellars, we have established a strong position among experts in wine storage.

Our ever-expanding knowledge is projected into other innovations, not only in construction, but also in furniture design and suitable air-conditioning systems. We primarily specialize in the design and creation of private wine cellars. At the same time, we have completed several commercial projects (e.g. the Passage – Le Bouchon wine shop).

We can rely on a team of experienced professionals, craftsmen and designers. We work with one of the world's leading 3D graphic designers, who is able to create a true picture of your future wine kingdom. We strive to constantly improve our services.

Both owners of the company study the world of wine at the prestigious Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in London. This is where they draw further inspiration for suitable wine storage. At the same time, they increase their knowledge of wines from renowned experts holding the title of Master of Wine.

We will be happy to propose and deliver an appropriate mix of wines for storage in your newly built cellar.

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